Feb 24, 2004

born too early

Saw an interesting article over at UGO's website about some unusual toys at a toy fair. First up, a Blade Racer. Solves the age old problem of cars leaving the track because they go around corners too fast.
Blade Racers uses clear tubes as the raceway for a couple of futuristic cars who absolutely blast through the track at speeds I've never seen a toy car hit before. The track itself is an impressive beast -- a huge series of clear tubes illuminated by LED lights, spanning several feet across and a few feet up in the air.

Second up, something called the Flybar. Good God this thing looks insane. A pogo stick on steriods.
and good God...these things get some serious air. No joke -- even on the second bounce, one of the demonstrators had to have himself at least five or six feet above ground. The Javits Center's carpets aren't the most conducive environment for a spirited round of pogo stickery, so I can only imagine what these beasts could do out on the open streets.

I can see lawsuits in the future for this company. Either that or a new entry into the Xgames.