Feb 16, 2004

no really...trust me

The media and politicians share a number of things in common but the most interesting to me is the vitriol and hatred thrown at them by the masses. And by masses here I'm talking about you and me. We hate both with equal energy. But I can't help but think this is one of the biggest copouts in the history of mankind. We think both lie, deceive, fabricate, malign, trump up, backstab, etcetera. But no one ever steps back and asks why. Why? Because we want them to. Would a politician or some reporter please point this out.

Let's go visit a few news websites to show some of the lies. ABC - "Report - 11,000 clergy abuse claims filed". Misleading? A little. These claims were filed over the last 52 years. But that wouldn't sound as enticing would it? CNN - "Study links antibiotics and breast cancer". Nice and punchy right? These kind of story titles always rile me. There is nothing in the article to explain any causality only that there is a correlation. Could it be that women who develop breast cancer often suffer from other maladies requiring antibiotics? Amazingly CNN did report the '52 year' aspect of the clergy claims story in their lead. Why do they do this? Because we want them to. We wouldn't read the damn article if they didn't write it that way. Facts? Don't waste my time. Give me the juice.

Politicians have it no better. This guy will forever watch his mouth. Sure the guy showed some lack of judgment but he used the nigger word to another white person and an African American legislator accepted his apology. But he still took a lot of hell. Bush Sr. says he won't raise taxes and he raises them. Bush Jr. says there's WMDs and there are none. There's no out for a politician. And we know it. That's why none of us want their job. The people who don't fall into this category like John Edwards and his positive campaign don't stand a chance. We dismiss Dean because he screamed once. Nobody in the history of this planet can live up to our expectations. So what's a politician to do? Lie.
"Lie to me, lie. Lie to me, lie
I don't care what people may say, I know everybody lies
I'm not trying to hurt my love, I'm only trying to get by"