Feb 19, 2004

strange encounters

Last weekend I called a buddy of mine out of the blue. I hadn't talked to him since...I'm guessing 1999 or so. At any rate a while. This weekend I'm going to call another friend of mine that I haven't talked to since...I'm again guessing 1986 or so. I lost track of this guy shortly after high school or college and never found a way to hook up again. I recently found him on a hospital website in Idaho - he's a doctor. I have two points I'm getting to here. The first one is why on earth has it taken me this long to get a hold of the first guy and why did I ever lose contact with the second. There's actually a third person who I just haven't been able to find on the internet at all. We haven't talked since college as well. I attribute it to two things. First, and foremost is laziness. I just don't get off my ass and call people that I should. Second, I'm a guy. I don't think guys do this kind of thing well. I look at my girlfriend and she expends a tremendous amount of time keeping up with approximately 4-5 times as many people as I do. Guys also don't like to talk on the phone. What the hell are we going to talk about any way? We need things to talk about because we usually don't like 'talking about our day'.

The second point is that when I talked to my buddy docrpm it was like we hadn't missed a beat. We talked about the same things - music, movies, art, and books. I found the same attributes in him attractive, that I found attractive all those years ago. Ours was a quick bonding during a time when we were visiting graduate schools that had accepted us. We ended bumping into each other at a social. He talked Nine Inch Nails and I talked Peter Murphy and ironically we both had tickets to see Peter Murphy with Nine Inch Nails opening. When we talked again we just picked back where we had left off. I believe that is what will happen when I call this other person but it's been so long that it's tough to tell. I'm sure he's married and I would suspect he probably has kids now too. So things could be different. I hope the call goes as well as I think it should go. It will grieve me if there isn't a connection still. As if I had never lost him as a friend until that call.

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