Feb 15, 2004

what the hell

I'm reminded of a quote and old friend associated with his high school year book picture upon completion of that particularly cantankerous part of his life - "Quotes are statements made by people who think they have something to say in life that is worth remembering. I hope you forget this statement as quickly as you'll forget me." My friend was not a popular guy in school.

However (can you start a new paragraph with 'however'?), the gist of his 'statement' resonated with me and it resurfaced as I got the idea in my head to start a blog. What an awfully pretentious thing a blog is. One doesn't put forth this kind of effort without some pretentious qualities. And therefore I must admit I must have a pretentious bone in my body. It's no fun realizing you are a hypocrite either.

Hey where's the spell check on this thing?

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