Feb 15, 2004

when wise choices come back to haunt you

So here's a hypocritical dilemma I have created out of my own actions. First, some background information. I don't have a television. And yes that article I link to is pretty much how I react to that fact. Here's a quote from this imaginary man as his friend talks about Calista Flockhart,

"I have absolutely no idea who this woman is. Calista who? Am I supposed to have heard of her? I'm sorry, but I haven't"
I've actually done this. It was bullshit of course but I did it. Eminem (sp?) was object of my fake. I do, however, wish I didn't know who he was at the time but that doesn't excuse me. Ultimately I just found television a colossal waste of time and even the informative shows like news shows let me down with horribly inaccurate reporting. But at the other extreme my abolition of television helped confirm to myself that I have a - okay I'll say it again - pretentious attitude when it comes to these things. It was CNN and reality shows that actually put me over line. I'm sitting on my couch watching hours drift away while I'm watching other people live their lives. That just struck me as a crazy activity. So where's the dilemma? I now waste hours of time doing other things like playing Spider Solitaire, Xbox, and general scanning of the web. Is this any better? I'm not sure that it is to be honest. I try to rationalize it by telling myself, 'well Solitaire involves some brain cells and Xbox Live is a way to keep up with my friends' etc. etc. But who am I kidding? I'm just substituting one time sink for some others. I do read more now though and this helps me sleep at night.