Feb 21, 2004

wow wee

Now this is cool and only $80-$100. It was designed by Mark Tilden who is known for creating robots from analog components. There are some videos of Tilden and his robots here. I recommend the last video to get an idea of what it can do and the other ones to understand a little behind how it works. What's interesting about Tilden is that he has approached robotics from a different perspective than say Honda or Sony. Rather than building incredibly complex robots that require amazing computational power, Tilden builds his from simple components or even analog components. The downside is that the robots aren't able to do highly complex tasks but the upside is that they are both resilient and more organic looking in their movements. Tilden is known to break off parts of his robots during demonstrations to show how a failure of a part of the robot is not catastrophic. On the contrary, he shows how they evolve to move and work with their new limitation.

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