Mar 24, 2004

the flamingo's smile

To me much of blogging is an exercise in futility. No one really gives a crap what most of us have to say. I'm sure we'd be bored if we were put into a room with ourselves and forced to have a conversation. The greatest value in blogs is the ability to create a community where a number of talented people (in relation to the topic) are able to contribute. I'm very excited by this new blog and the possibilities therein. No one on the panel is an individual brain trust on evolution but together I think they can do something interesting. They've attracted a broad group of people with different backgrounds (law, evolutionary theory, statistics). I doubt this group could sustain a magazine on their own but because of the small cost required to maintain this site, it exists - and it can potentially flourish. I will be watching them closely to see how their cache changes over time.

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