Mar 18, 2004

knick knacks

Why does every blog seem to start with "Random observations..."?

Been reading blogmaverick. Guy seems like a straight shooter. His latest rants are one reason why I've never understood why people are attracted to fame. Great. You can get into any restaurant but the downsides seem incalculable.

My wedding is coming up in a few weeks. Aren't I supposed to be a little bit nervous? I'm kind of relaxed about the whole thing. I guess I already feel like I am married (in a good way :)). Of course the bachelor party is in 2 weeks. Maybe that's why I'm relaxed!

I hate work. Been looking around for other things to do and realized that there are actually quite a lot of opportunities available. I'd be surprised if unemployment rates don't go down over the next few months. I'd like to stay in the area but I'm kind of excited about being able to see a new city.

Just got back from Big Sky Montana last week. I don't know what it is about that place but I just always have a grin on my face there.

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