Mar 16, 2004

shizzle my nizzle

Hmm. The Shizzolator. Language is such a interesting thing. It's one of the few institutions that lives off of change, for better or worse. And people take such diametrically opposed stands on it. Those who think there is a proper way to use language and another than thumbs it's nose at it. The social aspects of this are not hidden. Clearly there is a theme of those outside of 'normal society' wanting to bend language. Whether it's gays co-opting the word 'queer' or African Americans (and now suburban white kids) creating unique personal names and entirely new words, language can be used as both a way of liberating your 'group' and at the same time cloistering it by creating a members only club (I defy my mom to tell me what Snoop's That Shiznit is about). I find myself on both sides of this equation. "I could care less" and "He played good" drive me crazy and "getting jiggy with it" - well, enough said. But at the same time the ability for language to be so dynamic and rich is incredibly exciting. Yes exciting. Given that ability for language to morph, it makes the inability to express a thought purely a personal problem.

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