Mar 15, 2004


I'm contemplating a career change right now that will almost certainly entail a geographical relocation. Most of my trepidation associated with this change has nothing to do the new job or the new location or creating a new network of friends. It has to do with the actual move. I'm worried about stuff getting broken and can I find a house/condo that I would want to buy and will it all fit and will it match my new residence.

And this all struck me as so pathetic. I'm becoming a victim of my things. I work hard and then I spend my wages on stuff. Most of it largely irrelevant to my happiness and in fact some of it creates stress. How do we get ourselves into this situation? There is a side of me that could probably throw away 50% of the stuff I own and I would probably feel better. And then I see some new gadget or book or something that I want to buy and I realize I will never cure myself of this affliction.

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