May 10, 2004

move along - nothing to see

I'm married now. No real impact on my life except I have to say
'this is my wife' instead of 'this is my girlfriend'. Harder to do than you'd think.

Honeymoon was fun. Reef diving is bloody awesome. It's like being at a zoo. No actually it's like being in a zoo in the cages.

Coolest wedding present? Nikon D70

I avoid reading the news like the plague now. I just can't bear to read anything more about Iraq. It's too depressing. The time for being depressed and to wear only black was during my college years. I'm married now. Therefore no news.

Work is ridiculous. I spend 90% of my day working on things that are completely irrelevant to this company's bottom line. If our entire group was fired I guarantee nothing would happen. It would go completely unnoticed. At least I get to leave work early. Thank God I'm interviewing next Monday.

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C. Fuzzbang said...

Just testing the new comments feature on blogger. They've done a nice revamp although I want to post pictures dammit!