Feb 21, 2005


Every Sunday I head down to my local Starbucks and buy the New York Times. I like the paper the other days of the week. Well...Saturday is always a bit of a write off, but the Sunday edition is a complete treat for me. It almost never fails to have at least 3 or 4 articles that make me want to chat with my wife about it or run off and blog about it.

I think the name of the paper has become somewhat tarnished because of the scandals that hit it recently. But for me the front page is never that interesting. I can get most of that news anywhere. But the rest of the paper always has 1 or 2 articles per section that I would never find in another paper or likely another magazine. And most of those articles never are subject to poor journalism by the nature of their subject.

Equally important is how you read the NY Times. You need to cut out 2-3 hours to really absorb it. For me this is the trip down to the local Starbucks or sometimes just lying in bed in the morning. Anything else and you tend to gloss over the paper too quickly. If you have more time, you tend to read those fringey articles that don't interest you on first blush. Those turn out to be the real gems. That extra time also chills me out. Gets me to take a break from my schedule and smell the roses so to say.

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