Mar 31, 2005

50 most loathesome NYers

I knew I was onto something.

New York Press: "38. Nick Denton Publisher, Gawker Media
Though far from a pioneer, Franken-headed Gawker Media emperor Nick Denton takes partial blame for the dubious distinction of introducing the word 'blog' to grandmothers in Dubuque. Denton single-handedly sandbagged and snarked his way to a post-crash brand of media-mogul-dom through his ubiquitous cultural blogs—,,—while letting his lowly writer drones peck away all day for Birkenau pay rates. Though the situation has improved, original Gawker girl Elizabeth Spiers famously made $1000 a month building Denton's flagship. Denton has been secretive about the income he made off of his blogger slaves; writers and editors looking for stories about his alleged riches are, he says, 'obsessed, and disoriented: nostalgic, cynical and now, with the revival of independent web media, daring to dream again.' But based on his beef with designer Noel Jackson—Denton allegedly took code from the kid, used it on his Gizmodo and Gawker sites, then failed to pay for it—we're sure Denton's smart and calculating enough to come out of this blogger mini-boom with full pockets—and zero friends."

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