Mar 31, 2005

directory of crap things

Talking to a friend today. He said I just had to go back and look at boingboing again to check out a few of Doctorow's trainwrecks.

This and this

Hilarious. On the first one he just makes up some shit about how 466453 spells Google in 'leet' speak. I'll give him credit for not deleting it and rather crossing it out.

Second one is fantastic though. He basically posts a principal's email (presumably since principals are authority and therefore must be bad) in the second link so people can voice their opposition to him banning kids from blogging. Of course, all on the basis of some article in newspaper (so it must be true). In effect, Cory says blogs are a wonderful educational tool. Yea I know my education suffered greatly because I couldn't blog. That whole paper and pencil thing stunted my intellectual growth. I wish we had blogs back then so all the shit and backstabbing your classmates said about everyone could be distributed to a larger audience. The creative opportunities are endless.

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