Mar 27, 2005

freaky feet

It's funny. My daughter has cute feet. They are tiny little stubby things and they are very emotional and monkey like. When she feeds, she articulates all 5 toes. When she's upset or happy, she articulates all 5 toes. When I put my fingers under the toe knuckles, she clamps down. If I rub the top of her foot, she opens them up.

So when I tried to take some photos of them I couldn't figure out why every single picture made her feet look weird. Look above. Do they look weird. To me they do. And today I finally figured it out. The feet are at odd angles to each other. They point forward at about 90 degrees perpendicular to each other (click the picture above to see). She basically has a monkey stance when I hold her upright. Her feet splay outward. Even if she had the coordination and muscles to walk she would walk like a monkey. It must be a purely hormonal response that causes her legs to revert inward as she grows larger allowing her to walk. And so for now I'll only be taking photos of one of her feet at a time.

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