Mar 1, 2005

news for nerds or comedy for nerds

What has happened to Slashdot? It's always been a biased website from day one but lately it seems the articles are just plain weird. I cite this and this. One which comes off as a weird plug for a friend and the second one of the most sloppy pieces of 'blogging' around. I used to go there to get interesting tech and science news a la arstechnica but it hasn't been that serious in quite a while. But these two articles struck me as decidedly poor in quality. Even more strange, the poster was Commander Taco - isn't he the guy who actually started the site? What has happened?

One commenter remarked that it seemed Slashdot had become a comedy site and I'm apt to agree. I, and I assume others, mainly go to read the funny comments now. And there is some talent in those commenters.

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