Mar 1, 2005

sa-kay not sa-kee

While I am a huge boozer, I am surprisingly not a big fan of booze. I like the effects. Not so big on the taste. The perfect drink for me is anything that can mask the taste of the alcohol. Typically something strong tasting with vodka.

There is one exception however. And that is sake. But it has to be served correctly. Not correctly in the traditional sense but correctly for me. Traditional is slightly chilled. Hot is for crap sake which is why most people don't like it. For me I like it ice cold. In fact I store my preferred glasses (a beautifully shaped set of regular drink glasses from Conran) in the freezer so it doesn't dilute the coldness of my sake.

The primary problem for me though is finding sake. The typical crap brands sold in most places (Ozeki, Hakusan, Gekkeikan) are okay but don't really cut it. NY has made it a little easier with some very good stores that sell a good selection of sake. But my favorite is a place in San Francisco near the Opera House. He runs a website and was one of the most helpful owners I've come across. He recommended my favorite sake - wakatake. Easy to remember by 'walkie talkie'. The one in the green square shaped bottle, not the tall brown one.
He's got it (for my SF readers).

The reason I like sake is because not only does it not have that pungent, overbearing alcohol smell to it (well, warm sake does), it also gives you the best buzz. It takes you up slowly, keeps you riding on a nice wave, and gently lays you down when you are done. No ragged hangover. I'll take that any day.

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