Apr 20, 2005

ebb and flow

There's a side of me that wants to get riled up about some of the things the 'administration' (I'm using the term broadly) is doing right now. In particular, Delay strikes me as a power hungry, control freak. That's not a description I'm quick to use. I've never seen anyone with such utter disregard for our form of government. No one in the Republican party seems to really want put their boot heel on this guy. It would be one of the smarter things they've done if they did.

And when did Republicans stop being the poster child for smaller government? I didn't get that memo. Republicans, now they have such a strong power base, want to control everything about the common citizen and spend ungodly amounts of money.

But it is exactly this kind of behavior which will ultimately destroy the power that the administration has. This is the same with both parties (any party). It may take a while. And it may get worse in the near-term. But this always seems to happen. Politicians just seem to assume a majority vote gives them carte blanche to do anything they want. This is a good thing. Because ultimately it exposes the Delay's of the world.

I don't have any data but I actually think most people are much more centrist than the news media would make us believe. The edges of the spectrum make for much better television. But people turned on Clinton when he overstepped the line even though the nation was spectacularly healthy at that point. The same will happen with this administration. And ironically the legislation that the Republicans want to tear down, push up or ignore that are beneficial for a ruling party - things like their sudden lack of interest in campaign finance reform - will come back to bite them when they are not in power.

There really is no pragmatism in politics at all. That's truly the frustrating part. If the administration is doing something I don't like, I know that changes with time. But it's guaranteed that the next one will be equally short-sighted.

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