Apr 20, 2005

post modern tattoos

One thing I've never understood in life is tattoos. I don't understand why people get them for one thing . As often as I change my tastes I can't imagine doing anything to my body that is semi-permanent. But fine. Some people like tattoos. The reasons I've heard people want tattoos is that they want to 'express themselves'. Or some variant of that theme. Also fine. But does it not strike anyone as odd that everyone, for all practical purposes, to my eyes, basically has the same type of art for their tattoo. If you walked into an art gallery and it was the artwork people use for their tattoos wouldn't you think there was a theme that was being shown or maybe even the same artist?

Why aren't tattoos avant garde? Why doesn't someone have modern art or dadaist art for their tattoos? It's all this same kind of roses, barbed wire, dragon, filigree, embellishment based art.

I say this because yesterday I did see someone with an original tattoo. It was a weird modern drawing of a woman pushing a shopping cart with an octopus inside. And I thought to myself that lady probably is unique. Everyone else seems to belong to some kind of bingo club or something.

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