Apr 11, 2005

the scissors is mightier than the knife

I know that Seinfeld had an episode regarding this but I think I've heard this somewhere before. It regards chopsticks and knives/forks. The general idea goes something like, 'the Chinese still use chopsticks even though they know about forks and knives'. Well I'm sure the Chinese (or insert any other Asian ethnicity that uses chopsticks, particularly Koreans) have an analogous saying in their countries. Namely, 'the Americans still use knives even though they know about scissors'.

I can't remember where I first saw someone use a scissors as a kitchen implement. It was long ago. Probably at dim sum when they cut up the sesame balls (jen douy, yum!). My wife (Korean) and her family pretty much use scissors for everything in the kitchen. Cutting up crab, cutting vegetables, cutting meat. And really it's a far superior tool to use since you have a much smaller chance of taking a thumb out and it's a little easier to control the cut (kind of like a jig saw).

But for some reason I still use the damn knives. I can't retrain myself. Hopefully this post will help me in my ways.

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