May 10, 2005

quantum month

A heads up that the next month of so is quantum month in Chookyland. Specifically I'll be note taking for my favorite book on the subject - Quantum Reality. I read this two summers ago and found it one of the more enlightening books on the subject. The subject being not quantum mechanics per se but what quantum mechanics says about reality. Specifically two things - the quantum interpretation question and the quantum measurement problem. It'll touch on all the basic quantum theory points. Here's a list of things I'm guaranteed to touch on. If you're not interested come back in a month.
  • Some background on how quantum theory got off the ground
  • What the hell is Schrodinger's Wave Equation?
  • Real-life experiments that show quantum effects
  • Uncertainty Principle
  • The quantum interpretation question and potential answers
  • The quantum measurement problem and interpretations
  • EPR paradox (EPR thought experiment)
  • Bell's inequality and locality
If there's something you'd like to know, leave it in the comments, and I can try and provide some insight.

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