Jun 1, 2005

chooky's miscellany

I'm pretty sure I hated this song when I was young, but watching this video has made this song kind of catchy.

Take off the tinfoil hat. Since when did DRM suddenly mean "can't play your music on your computer". Most DRM being pushed by technology companies is all about helping companies like Citigroup keep thieves off their servers and off your personal data. They don't give a crap about your CDs.

The prevalence of housing bubble blogs suggests to me that a pop is still a ways off.

I'm probably the only one interested but this is helpful if you've ever wondered what those additional symbols on stock tickers are all about.

Number one reason to have kids? My daughter's birth inexplicably coincided with my wife's new found love of beer.

Fun set of brainteasers from the NY Times here.

Inspired by the question - How many 5 year olds could you take on? The strengths and weaknesses are priceless.

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