Jun 15, 2005

twigs & berries

Yubnub. Interesting idea. Command line website with a community flavor. Make your own commands. Try 'chooky' :). I'm thinking I won't be using this much.

This is pretty close to what I said I wanted in a music download service. So there's still one problem left to be solved - musical selection. Yahoo's is still woefully lacking like every other service. No one seems to be concerned about this at all which leads me to think I'm not going to downloading in the near future.

Cute flickr hack. Make your own albums from your photos on flickr. Enter your login name and tags (optional) to narrow the pictures it uses. I'm not a huge fan of flickr. The pictures are way too small.

Freakonomics is my favorite blog for the past few months. One of the few sites that is really interested in getting data and understanding what it means.

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