Jul 25, 2005

knicks and knacks

  • If you've seen Coldplay's new album you probably know the album cover is a code. You can make your own codes here. More on Baudot's code here. Coldplay's album cover by the way says "X&Y". You can probably guess what the above code is.
  • A lot of people thought the Google moon site was cool. I found this much cooler: very high resolution, 360 degree pictures of the moon from the Apollo missions.
  • I have a question. I have a copy of the entire transcript of the movie Primer. If you've seen the movie you know how useful this can be. I'd like to make it available for others. First I don't know if it's legal to host something like this in the first place. Does anyone know? Second I don't know where to 'put' it so people can use it. Is there a free document hosting service available where I can post?
  • If I had a table PC I would spend hours at this site. With a mouse it's a little tough to use.
  • A re-enactment of World War II by way of a chatroom.
  • Chris Cunningham is one of my favorite video directors. His video for "All is Full of Love" by Bjork ranks as my favorite video of all time. Here's his latest for Aphex Twin called Rubber Johnny. Very disturbing. More about him here.
  • I have my own search site now. My wife freaked out when she saw this and didn't know what it was. Make your own here.

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