Jul 11, 2005

tdf - rest day

Rest day today. The riders will go out for rides nevertheless. Apparently your body needs to keep up the hard work or you'll feel it when you begin again. Hats off to them. So instead I'll post some interesting sites:

This site has live biometric data of some of the riders. I haven't checked it out yet so no promises. I'm also not sure which of the riders it monitors.

This is Lance's official site. It has good commentary by some of the people associated with his team that are at the Tour. Registration needed.

OLN who are broadcasting the Tour also have a decent site with written comments from their broadcast commentors.

This is the official Tour site. It sucks but has some text-based commentary as the race is occurring and, of course, the official standings.

And finally a completely unrelated site. The latest post is very funny. He's one of my favorite writers on the net. Acerbic wit, sometimes a little juvenile, not to be taken too seriously, but usually spot on with his commentary.

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