Sep 8, 2005

another satisfied customer

My wife is going to be out of town in a few weeks, taking our baby, and returning my life for a few days to a bachelor- like existence. Naturally I wanted to check out what shows are going to be playing in Manhattan while she is gone. A Google search for 'concert tickets' turns up Ticketmaster. I hit the link and type in my zip code and they present me with an insane amount of shows coming up over the next 60 days. I select some options to narrow my search and then I get this
We limit the rate of web page requests that can be made by individual users in any given time period. Your web page requests have exceeded these limits and your access has been temporarily disabled. We impose these limits to protect the web site from automated programs, as part of our efforts to promote fair access to tickets. Please allow several minutes and then try again.
Huh? Are bandwidth and server cycles so expensive now that you can't run a small little query against your database for shows in my zipcode during a particlar date range? How pathetic is this? If you are going to install a filter like this make sure you get it right. It's the sort of annoying thing that just eliminates any chance of me ever being a customer of Ticketmaster in the future. Come on guys! I gotta have more cowbell.

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