Sep 28, 2005

blogger sucks

There. I said it. What used to be a great simple tool for getting content onto a site has suddenly become a HUGE time sink for me. Sitting here watching the progress meter swing around is just rage inducing. The worst culprit is the picture upload. The old way of doing it was with Hello. Very awkward but it worked. The performance on that upload has for some reason gone down the tubes. They then actually linked some code up to the 'add image' to make that very easy. But a good 50% of the time I find it not working. I then go back to my Hello and use that. Right now nothing is working. I was all set to blog about this iPod video being cut outside my apartment and now I'm going to finish this and go kick small stuffed animals. Viciously.

This is pretty simple common sense. Introducing a feature that doesn't work is WORSE than not introducing it at all. I guess that is why the only other investment Blogger has made is to make it easy to add AdSense. What is the point of trying to get your bloggers to generate revenues for you if you have a bunch of unhappy bloggers? I'm finally going to sit down and research my alternatives. I don't know how much more I can take of this.

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