Sep 17, 2005

comics in the nyt

I forgot to mention that the New York Times is starting a 'comics' series. Starting tomorrow the NYT Magazine will have a 10 page "Funny Pages" section. It won't be Garfield however (thankfully).

Starting us out will be Chris Ware who is best known for his Jimmy Corrigan graphic novel. He is one of the more meticulous and precise comic artists I've ever seen. A single frame must take him forever to draw. Mr. Anal. It will also feature some fiction by 'hipper' writers. Elmore Leonard is featured tomorrow and will run a 14 week series. It will also feature humorous writers, a new one each week, in a section called “True-Life Tales.” I have no idea if it will be good or not but if they are employing serialization then it might be helpful to make sure you have the first edition. And I also have no idea if it will be online or not or how long they will keep the graphics or text before it's 'archived'. Actually it will be online. I found it. Looks like they have podcasts (rolls eyes) that clearly won't be in the paper. They may be interesting since they look like interviews.


Anonymous said...

i have something to send you...a chris ware book cover for one of the issues of mcsweeneys. brilliant.

C. Fuzzbang said...

I've seen it at the comic store. Is it any good? Worth picking up?