Dec 23, 2005


Well the subways are back up this morning in New York. A lot of people were severely inconvenienced by the stoppage but on the whole it was kind of fun. I finally went to work on Wednesday and ended up walking the full 5 miles or so to get there. It was amazing how busy the bridges were at 6 am in the morning. 6th Avenue was packed by the time I reached it. And walking back home 5th Avenue was insane with both commuters and shoppers vying for sidewalk space.

But it was a chance to see areas of the city I haven't been to yet and to finally walk across the Manhattan Bridge (I always favor the Brooklyn Bridge when I get the chance).

People were all smiles this morning on the subway. It's the opposite effect of thinking you've won the lottery but you looked at the numbers incorrectly. It would depress you. Finally getting your subway service back after losing it makes you so happy. This city is unmanageable without the subway and buses.

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