Dec 11, 2005

tracing shadows

There's a nice article in the New York Times regarding Ellis Gallagher. He recently 'tagged' my neigh- borhood with his unique brand of graffiti. It's a simple but unique approach. Chalk in shadows from various things on the street that cast shadows onto the sidewalk and walls. The pictures don't do the art justice. I spotted his work one morning on my way to work. It was dark out but the sun was just coming up. I passed a couple of shadows before I realized what I was looking at. There's almost an ethereal quality to the work that doesn't seem to be captured in these photos.

New York has more 'street art' than any city I've ever lived in. And a lot of it is incredibly creative. Here's a few more examples:

The infamous bulldog. So many people see a bulldog when they look at this. Look a little closer

Lately someone has been crafting some MTA subway service notices with information that has nothing to do with whether the AC line is running.

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