Jan 24, 2006

cal vs. stanford

Since I was a grad student at Stanford, I have very little school spirit. I don't know why this is. Undergrad... you have school spirit. Grad... none. Zero. This is good because I'm married to a Cal woman and have a few friends from Cal. It also allows me to watch this, and not only avoid crying but actually laugh: Cal vs. Stanford Big Game Re-enactment


Tony said...

This is a bitter re-enactment of one of the great travesties of sports history. I can't believe you can watch this without feeling the bile rise and the indignation foment.

His knee hit the ground. The play was whistled dead. No touchdown.


C. Fuzzbang said...

As a fellow Minnesotan you must know that all my sports pain and angst has been spent on the Vikings. I have nothing left to give.