Jan 24, 2006

room with a view

For most of my working career I've been relegated to some miserable offices. I've never had to deal with Dilbertville cubicles but things weren't exactly pretty.

My first job offered a gorgeous view of downtown Chicago via the 24th floor of a building in the center of the loop with a Japanese style interior. It was awesome. Problem was I was a consultant spending 90% of my working time at clients. Clients tend to not give you great office space. Rooms used for excess storage, hallways, and even closets were the location of choice.

My next job was with a startup. We ran a tight ship. You could technically call that situation cubicle hell but we didn't even have money for dividers to create cubicles.

My next job was at a company with a shitload of cash. None of it went to office space as far as I could tell. I was doubled and even tripled up with people in 'my' office for about 80% of my 3 year stay. All of that time spent in a windowless office.

My current job started out fine. A nice spacious office. No windows but I also didn't have to share it with anyone. I was happy. Last week that all changed. The office admin came by and told me they were moving me. "Oh god here we go", I assumed. She led me down the hallway. "Were they going to try that closet thing on me?", I wondered. She stopped in front of an office and said, "You'll be moving here." Turns out it wasn't a closet. It was a bigger and windowed office overlooking Central Park. I am officially never leaving this job.

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