Feb 3, 2006

lemony snicket

Two comments on this film (which I liked):

First, Jim Carrey playing the Stefano character is insane. Stefano isn't the character you see in the previews and spots. It's a secondary 'disguise' character. I played it back and forth three times trying to convince myself it was him and I couldn't do it. Carrey was impressive in Man on the Moon but this was just freaky. More impressive is that if you watch the Special Features section you realize most of his dialogue was improvised from earlier sessions.

Second, the beginning and end titles are amazing. They are very Edward Gorey-esque. If you are not familiar with him, he's the guy who did the animation for the PBS show Mystery. Wikipedia entry here. I have some of his books and love the artwork. I didn't realize he died in 2000. The actual footage was done by a Jamie Caliri who has some great looking video work. Her site is here. The Snicket stuff is in the lower left of her portfolio.

And while I'm here Lemony Snicket is the pen name of the author. I was always amazed someone would name their kid Lemony.

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