May 19, 2006

turn off windows auto-creation of "my" folders

Tired of windows and other software companies creating endless "My X" folders in your My Documents folder? "My Downloaded Files", "My eBooks", "My Crappy New My Folder"... After it finally drove me crazy one too many times, I did a search to find a solution. Here's how to turn it off.
  • Start menu
  • Run
  • Enter "regsvr32 /u mydocs.dll" (which uregisters the .dll file)
  • Click OK
  • Navigate to My Documents and delete the automatically created folders that you no longer want to appear
The steps above disable the My Documents functions, so if your system is missing some functionality, you'll need to reregister mydocs.dll. If you want to reregister the .dll file, perform the above steps again but use the command "regsvr32 mydocs.dll"

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