Jul 10, 2006

where there's smoke, there's planes

I have a nice view of New York from my 34th floor office. I can see most of New York from midtown to the Bronx. Rarely a week goes by when I don't see some smoke billowing skyward in the distance. This morning the smoke was a little closer. About 10 blocks away. But the interesting thing is the source of it was just blocked out by the Plaza. So to me it looked like it was coming from the GM building which is located on the southeast corner of Central Park (where the new Apple store is). Couple that with a conversation I had last week about how our offices used to be located in the GM building and that during 9/11 people with a view of the park realized that any plane had a straight shot into the building over the park, and you mind tends to wander. Turns out it was a building collapse. I wonder how many other people had obscured views and thought, 'hmmm...'

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