Aug 25, 2006

ah, no. i can't help you out

You get some weird behavior on Wall Street. And it's strange too because it usually comes from the people you'd least expect. The guys who have the money (people who are investing money be it private equity or a hedge fund or whatever) are typically nice and normal. The guys who want to sell the guys with money some service or product can be downright weird. You'd think the guys who have the money would be more asshole-ish than the second group. But they aren't. When I'm in a research conference I can tell who's a 'buy-sider' and who's a 'sell-sider' in two seconds of talking to them. I thankfully belong to the former group.

I get hounded by 'salespeople' quite a bit. They want to sell you research or data services. This is fine. I live off of research and data. Without that I have nothing. Some of these research firms are very helpful and our firm subscribes to a number of them and I subscribe individually to others that are particularly helpful in my area. As you can imagine though there is a tremendous amount of shit. One piece of shit research company that isn't really tied into Wall Street per se but does try to sell stuff here is notoriously bad when it comes to sales. This is a name that you've undoubtedly heard of. I won't name them. I constantly get calls and emails from a salesperson who is just awful. Take a look at this clip from an email he sent me today.

Just so we're clear here. This guy is trying to get me to pay him thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for his company's research. I'm a little surprised that second sentence didn't end "!!!!!11!!oneone!!". How effective do you think this guy was? Weird.

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