Aug 25, 2006

bloglines on crack

Boy Bloglines has really been screwing the pooch lately. Bloglines doubles as a second Reuters news feed for me at work so it's particularly annoying when things go awry. Here's a partial list of my folders.

Man it is still a mess. Thousands of unread feeds that I've already read. Tons of feeds not updating at all. This is what happens when big companies (IAC) buy small companies (Bloglines). They just don't give a shit. They haven't even acknowledged a problem on their site yet.


Anonymous said...

Rest assured, we do give a hoot (in case my mom's reading this) and and IAC give us lots of luv.

The cause of the crack smokin' was a little bitty bug that slipped into the code release last night. The bug was fixed this afternoon. If you still see high unread counts, they'll reset when you click on the subscription or folder name. You can also reset all your subscriptions at once by clicking the "Mark All Read" link at the top of your feed list.

Thanks for using Bloglines and let us know if you experience any other problems.

Robyn DeuPree
Bloglines Product Manager

C. Fuzzbang said...

Woohoo. I was starting to lose it.