Aug 25, 2006

finally some upgrade action

I caught the news about Blogger upgrading some items in their service a couple of weeks ago. And only today did I notice that I was invited to the beta. I signed up. Probably a bad idea. Betas and I don't get along very well. So this is really a warning. I will be spending the next week or so screwing around with beta features and completely shafting this blog into oblivion. You as readers and subscribers will likely pay some price too. You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

how did u sign up for that beta version?gulfem

C. Fuzzbang said...

when I logged into the blogger site there was a blue boxed area in the lower right in the dashboard section which mentioned the beta. If you go into the dashboard section most of the boxed areas are tan. This one was blue. Right now they are just picking blogs at random I think. I don't think you can actively get yourself into the pool.