Oct 25, 2006

blogger down

It's hard to complain about a service you don't pay for. But I don't understand the frequency of problems Blogger has. The rest of their services always seem so well run. And besides the uptime the service is very friendly and customizable. But my family uses one blog as a communications tool while either I or my wife is out of town. It can be exasperating when the service isn't available. As of late things have been terrible.
9/20/06 – Blogger down for maintenance
9/28/06 – Blogger slow
10/1/06 – Blogger beta down
10/12/06 – Blogger down
10/16/06 – Photo uploading problems
10/18/06 – Blogger slow
10/20/06 – Blogger slow
10/21/06 – Blogger down

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