Oct 2, 2006

"coffee coffee coffee"

Starbucks & Google mashup off Starbucks locations by city.

Two comments:

First, I'm stunned there aren't more Starbucks in NY (see map above). Starbucks are to NY what cockroaches are to NY. They are ubiquitous. There is no way this captures all of them. There are 4 within a one block radius of my work building. Five if you include the reseller in our cafeteria.

Second, for all the Starbucks that are here what is up with the noted lack of Starbucks in the neighborhoods east and west of the bottom of Central Park? There's a huge gap there. I've definitely noticed this when I'm in the area (it's a shopping area). I haven't got a clue why this is. They are high rent districts but have lots of shoppers and lots of residents. This is a perfect spot for a Starbucks.

Bonus points for the person who can identify the movie the post title comes from.

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Anonymous said...

Moscow on the Hudson