Oct 22, 2006

cookie monster and thirst

I was watching Elmo with my daughter today when Cookie Monster comes on and does his usual schtick. I always had a problem with Cookie Monster as a little kid. The guy loves cookies. No doubt. But then he proceeded to jam the cookies into his mouth so quickly that he was clearly leaving a lot of it on the floor. Of course he was leaving it all on the floor but as a small boy I wasn't quite aware that a puppet with an esophagus was a rare thing.

Which leads me to acting. Does every actor take their cue from Cookie Monster when it comes to playing a thirsty character? They all use the same "drink so quickly it all goes on the floor" approach. They try to drain it so quickly that it comes out their mouth and all over their body. Dramatic? No. It irks me in the same way Cookie Monster did. Maybe I'm wrong here but if I was thirsty I would be drinking as carefully as possible to make sure it all goes in. Don't waste a drop! I'm sure I'm thinking too much about this.

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Anonymous said...

Much too hard.

- Tony