Oct 5, 2006


Someone was nice enough to load all the Cosmos episodes on Google video. I've been watching these all week. There has probably never been a TV show that more influenced my life than Cosmos. In some ways I could extend that statement to "There has probably never been anything..." I remember vividly having zero interest in math or science when I was young. Primarily because I was terrible at both subjects.

I came home one night from school in sixth grade and turned on the TV. Some guy in a corduroy jacket was talking about the Tunguska Event. I remember thinking why on earth has no one told me about this? The next episode I watched they showed pictures of Mars taken on Mars. On Mars? We put a spacecraft on Mars? You gotta be shitting me. How come we haven't covered this topic at school? Later he went on to talk about a googol. I was so riveted by everything. The special effects at the time were groundbreaking. And the score was a mix of wonderful classical pieces and songs by someone called Vangelis who at that point hadn't written the Chariots of Fire or Bladerunner soundtracks. I still get goosepimples watching the opening sequence. I don't think I would be where I am today without this show.

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