Oct 5, 2006

the outsider officially sucks

DJ Shadow's "The Outsider" gets two stars on Amazon. I had my doubts after seeing a video a while back. Who would ever think a DJ Shadow album would get two stars. I can't imagine saying that I would not buy one of his albums. But I won't be buying this one.

Interview of DJ Shadow here where he defends the hip hop aspect of his new album. I can appreciate that the guy loves hip hop and I can appreciate artists who try new things. I just can't appreciate music I don't like. This stuff is awful.

I did learn one new word form the interview though - hyphy. Pronounced Hi-Fee. A style of hip hop music from the San Francisco area. Apparently sounds like crunk music. Had to look that up too. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what any of the descriptions meant. Oh well. Hopefully the next album will be crunk-free and hyphy-free.

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Anonymous said...

i cried after listening to this album, it was so bad. there will never be another endtroducing.