Nov 12, 2006

i have seen the future...

There is an interesting piece in the New York Times on the rusting towers of the New York State Pavilion (TimesSelect sub required). If you live in New York you've seen this decaying monolithic structure many times. If you've never seen it while in New York you probably saw it in the movie, Men in Black. Towards the end of the movie where the two main MIB characters fought the giant roach trying to escape from earth. As a point of history, the structure was part of the 1964 World Fair. The last world fair I believe. It was a future looking enterprise. Filled with the high-tech promise of tomorrow.
But the more years that go by, the more the structure becomes New York’s own “colossal wreck,” begging, as Shelley wrote in “Ozymandias,” that we look upon it and despair.
The master builder's last words to the city were, "guard it well". The city proceeded to guard it poorly. A rusting heap in the middle of Queens. An interesting monument to the future.


Unknown said...

not sure what you mean by "the last world fair" since there are still world fairs or expos being held currently. the next one is in shanghai in 2010.'s_Fair

C. Fuzzbang said...

Hence the "I believe". I think part of my confusion is that it was the last fair not sanctioned by BIE. Seems like the NY organizers pissed off the French organization. Nothing new there.