Mar 15, 2007

chapter 3

Boy that was unexpected. Rove is involved.

Rove is Linked to Early Query Over Dismissals

The White House senior adviser Karl Rove inquired about firing federal prosecutors in January 2005...
Tony Snow, the White House press secretary, repeated Thursday that Ms. Miers first proposed the dismissals, but Mr. Snow acknowledged in an interview that the e-mail messages shifted the time line earlier than the White House had previously said.

“The e-mail does not directly contradict nor is it inconsistent with Karl’s recollection that after the 2004 election, Harriet Miers raised a question of replacing all the U.S. attorneys and he believed it was not a good idea,” Mr. Snow said. “That’s his recollection.”

Clear & Present Danger - Tom Clancy
Jack Ryan: Who authorized this?
Ritter: I'm sure they'll ask you that.
Jack Ryan: Who authorized it?
Ritter: I have no recollection, Senator

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