Mar 15, 2007


I've been using Mozy as my backup service for about 3 months. Well actually I've only been using it as a full backup solution since yesterday. It took me that long to backup all my files. All 165GB of it. Average backup speed was about 400-500kb/s. There were some breaks in there that I instituted on purpose so it could have done it more quickly. That may seem like a long time but every backup from here on out is incremental. Right now it's uploading my MS Money file which I just changed. Took a minute.

The service costs $50 per year which to me feels like a total steal. I almost feel guilty. I'd easily pay $100 a year knowing that I have an offsite backup solution. There were a few hiccups along the way since it is a relatively new service. But nothing to complain about. Especially since they got a few things right.
  • The client is lightweight. The service does require a client application to be installed but it is super lightweight. I never noticed it hogging resources and if you want it to stay out of your way it will. If you want it to charge ahead with downloading it will.
  • File encryption. You can use a Mozy key or your own personal one
  • Incremental/differential backups. Not only do they determine if a file has changed and has to be backed up they figured out how to just send enough bits for them to change the file instead of reuploading the entire file.
  • Folder by folder backup. Mozy let's you pick which folders/sub-folders to backup. This isn't the case with some backup solutions. They will backup all music files for example. I'd rather have the greater control.
  • Simplicity. Rather than make their service full of bells and whistles, it's a straightforward service. Enough customization but not an overload. I honestly can't think of a feature I'd like to see in the application. It's near perfection as it stands now.
While everyone has been talking about Gdrive or Microsoft Drive, these guys actually have the goods now. Worth a look if you're constantly screwing around the whole backup problem.

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