Apr 4, 2007

stockholm syndrome

One might think that if someone drops their shirt necksize from 16 1/2" to 16" to 15 1/2" over the course of a couple of years that this person has probably shed a lot of weight. Especially since necks aren't known to foster large fat deposits.

This is exactly what I have done. Except I haven't lost any weight. I've merely become more used to having my blood circulation choked off from my brain.

When I first moved to Wall Street the least attractive aspect of my job was wearing a tie. Nothing seems more confining and unproductive than wearing a noose around one's neck. Especially when moving from a company that literally had no dress policy. But over the course of the last two years I've grown so accustomed to wearing a tie that I almost feel naked without one. Coincident with this, my ability to deal with a shirt collar that actually fits properly has gone up. Contrast this with the gaping collars I originally purchased in an attempt feel like I wasn't wearing a tie at all. Nils Bejerot really knew what he was talking about.

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