May 30, 2007

With article titles like "The Five Most Unintentionally Funny Albums of 2006" and "The 5 Most Obviously Drug-Fueled TV Appearances", it's hard to not to rank right up there on my favorite website list.

But it's the writing that seals the deal. It's acerbic, scathing, witty, and frighteningly dead on. It's almost like the People version of The Onion.

In describing Jerry Seinfeld in a "Top 10 Secret Celebrity Scientologist" piece, they offer this:
Best Known For: Seinfeld; questioning the “deal” with airline peanuts; drilling a minor
In describing what happened to Eddie Murphy in "Five Great Comedians Who've Lost It.":
Murphy’s mid-90’s career slump forced him to completely make over his image from expletive-hurling bad-ass to family-friendly teddy bear. Considering that this is the same guy who released two stand-up shows on video that could have been called Eddie Murphy Thoroughly Hates Gay People Parts 1 & 2, you’ve got to hand it to him.
[Update] God I just had to add comments on a recent post of theirs - "Eurovision: European People are Insane, and Here's Why". I recall growing up in England watching the Eurovision song contest and thinking what crap it was when I was 10. Apparently it's gone downhill.
Ireland came in last place in this year's Eurovision, and... well, it's pretty easy to see why. You've got a warbling lead singer who can't even sway (not to mention sing), a walking cliché of a band straight out of the Ireland pavilion at Epcot Center, and a song that's not even worthy of the end credits in Lord of the Rings.
The video's are painful.

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