May 1, 2007

space invaders

Space Invader. Not the video game from the 80s but rather the graffiti artist, Space Invaders, from Paris. He recently tagged New York.

I love subversive artists like this. He reminds me of Banksy a little. Apparently there are two installations near where I live that I'm going to try and spot. Rather than make some garish paint spray graffiti he deploys small pixelated graphics of video game icons (typically from Space Invaders) in places that aren't easily spotted. The deployments are well documented and he creates maps on where to find them.

Here's one near me:

There's a short article here about him when he visited LA.
This guy does mosaics — really beautiful, intricate tiles of video game icons (Toshiro Nishikado’s Space Invader, 1978) — and they’re hidden all over the world. In fact, 106 of them are right here in L.A.: Nine of them live on the letters of the Hollywood sign and 15 more are planned around town before he concludes his visit.

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