Jul 11, 2007


Marathon: Durandal coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Huge news for me. Marathon in many ways was the precursor to Halo. And on a personal level I found myself more emotionally attached to the game than I do with Halo. While the game is ancient history in video game terms, the hours wasted on that game while I was completing my PhD helped me keep my sanity. The game was so well designed it would scare the willies out of me. And I recall friends standing around watching it like a movie while I played. Doom was the game that stormed the video game scene around that time but I never understood the attraction. I even played it on a Mac. Now that is a long time ago.

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Unknown said...

wow! big news! i look forward to revisiting Marathon after so many years away. i've totally forgotten most of the game, so it will be like new. :-)